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TAIPEI 101 building is the highest building in the present world in the skyscraper completed in 2004.
This building is the 101 floor (and B5), and height is 508m. As for the plane of the first floor of this institution, the skyscraper builds in a southeast corner with the square mostly.
The shopping mall (5F and B1) builds in remaining places.

The ticket of an indoor observatory (open on March 1, 2005) is sold on the fifth floor (Adults: NTD400, Group for 20 more: NTD350). The observatory is located on the 89th floor in a place 382m above ground. We can view the town of Taipei from the observatory 360 degrees. This building should be the world's No.1, Adopt the high-speed elevator, and it is introducing hanging the damper (660t of weights) in a building for shake prevention etc. by the exhibition panels etc. Here is a drink bar, souvenir stores, etc. The ticket of the outdoor observatory (390m) (closed down at the time of bad weather) of the 91st floor is sold on the 89th floor by another charge (+NTD100).

The fifth floor of the shopping mall is financial centers, such as banks and securities firms.
The fourth floor is restaurants town.
The third floor is famous brand stores town.
The second floor is everyday life article stores town.
Although the ticket counter is in the fifth floor of the tower building and a bookstore is in the fourth floor, we can go in and out without being conscious of the shopping mall and the tower.
We were not able to visit an office story.
The lobby of the tower building and the office photograph are included in the on-line catalog of lower Links (office building).

* Burj Dubai: 162F, 818mh, 2009 (Under construction)
* Petronas Tower (KUARA LUMPUR): 88F, 457mh, 1998
* Sears Tower (CHICAGO): 110F, 442mh, 1974

View from 9F of Grand Hotel (enlarge)

TAIPEI 101 (enlarge of another photo.)

Entrance (Shopping mall)

Maintenance work of lighting

Ticket counter (5F of Tower) (Lighting)

View of Taipei from observatory (89F) (enlarge)

Elevator registered into Guinness Book (Toshiba)

Jewelry store in observatory

Skyscraper comparison panel (enlarge)

Night view panel ( from Grand Hotel)

PRADA (4F) (enlarge)

High-class brand town (4F) (enlarge)

SOGO 101 (2F) (enlarge)

Large atrium and Shopping mall (enlarge) (Lighting)


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June 1, 2008