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Guam Greyhound Park

Greyhound Racing of the Guam government official recognition has been held at nights (19:45 starts) other than Monday and Wednesday. The running interval is 20 minutes.

If the horse of horse racing is replaced with the Greyhound dog, the system can be understood. The dogs of hungry run after the rabbit of the electric robot that fragrant of the rabbit. We can be judged the dogs in the paddock before they run.

How to play :
We buy pool tickets by the purchase form is filled Race number, Distinction of WIN(1 Dog To Win)/QUINIELA (2 Dogs:1st & 2nd, In Any Order) etc., Dog number and Bet Amount ($3~) at Sellers(window of issuing tickets) of the lobby. The expectation newspaper can be obtained free of charge in the lobby.

I challenged in WIN of four races and QUINIELA of one race. And chance of success was 60%. I invested 25 dollars and it became 29 dollars at Cashiers(refund window). Probability of WIN of the expectation newspaper was 80%, and probability of QUINIELA was 0%.

The general lighting of the dog race field is used the HID floodlights. The main place is illuminated by the floodlights on the roof of the building. The goal point is illuminated high illuminance with small halogen floodlights. Waiting times until the next race and the odds etc. are displayed on the electric bulletin board.

Halogen floodlights

Two kinds of HID

Sellers in upper

A lot of Japanese
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June 1, 2004