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森は海の恋人 1000年の森をつくる会
魂の歌・感動の賛歌 YCCゴスペルクワイア

Cantate Pacific Summer Music Festival in Guam
Christmas Concert 2012

Cantate 8th Pacific Summer Music Festival 2012 in Guam

YCC Gospel Choir の吉田和枝リーダーから Guam tour 記を頂きましたのでそのまま掲載します。 (グアムの関係者がご覧になることを想定して英文を加えました)

* * * * *

きっかけは横須賀ベースから Guam に移ったギブンス氏の友人がギブンス氏と YCCを Cantate に紹介してくれたことです。Pacific Summer Music Festival の主催者のリサさんたちは常々日本のグループの参加を望んでいたそうです。

そこでお誘いを受けたのですが、Festival の全容が e-mail のやりとりだけではなかなか分かりませんでした。でも とにかくチャレンジしようと総勢19名 ミステリーツアー状態で出かけました。

Cantate はリサさんはじめメンバーの皆さんがとても温かく真面目で、演奏はもちろんボランテイア精神に溢れた素晴らしい団体でした。会場の教会も本当に素敵で国境を超える音楽の力と感動を心から感じることができました。




Because leader KAZUE YOSHIDA of YCC Gospel Choir gave Report of Guam Tour to me, I just place it next.

* * * * *

The opportunity is that a friend of Mr. Givens which moved to Guam from Yokosuka base introduced YCC to Cantate with Mr. Givens. Dr. Lisa Lutter of the sponsor of Pacific Summer Music Festival seemed to always expect the participation of the Japanese group.

Therefore I received an invitation, but did not readily understand the whole aspect of Festival only in the exchanges of e-mail. But 19 people in all went out in a mystery tour state, anyway, to challenge it.

Dr. Lisa Lutter of Cantate and members were serious very warmly and were the splendid group which overflowed in volunteer mind not to mention a performance. The church of the stage was really wonderful, too and was able to feel power and an impression of the music more than borders heartily.

I heard that 19 all the members who participated in Guam Tour were satisfied with this tour. The sponsor told me to come next year. I think that I want more members to experience this impression. I feel relieved in that Yukiko of the wheelchair and all the others were able to return happily safely.

* * * * *

YCC Gospel Choir のピアニスト、角田智子さんが主催者 Cantate の Facebook に次のメッセージを送っていますので掲載させていただきました。

* * * * *

Pianist of YCC Gospel Choir, Tomoko Tsunoda sent the next message to Facebook of sponsor Cantate, I placed it next.

Tomoko Tsunoda

We are so grateful that we had a precious time, especially with Dr. Weston Noble,
Dr. Lisa Lutter and Cantate !
Beautiful church, Beautiful people…
We have been impressed by the experience we had in Guam.
This weekend we will have rehearsal. Will sing the From Sea To The Shining Sea in front of the rest of the members!

Cantate Guam Sugoi!

Tomoko Tsunoda

Hello Cantate !
Menber of YCC arrived at Narita airport safety !!!
Thank you so much for your everything !
Thank you God. Thank you Guam ! ! ! ! ! !
YCC pianist Tomoko ♪

Cantate Guam 「いいね!」

* * * * *


* * * * *

When producer Motoi Imajo of this site wrote the thanks to an invitation and the URL of this page in Facebook of sponsor Cantate, the email of thanks arrived immediately in spite of the middle of the night. I introduce it next.

今城 基

Yokosuka Citizenship Committee Gospel Choir Thank you very much for invited our choir.
We like to report our homepage about Pacific Summer Music Festival.
URL is next:

Thanks. by MOTOI IMAJO

Cantate Guam

SUGOI! domo arigato gozaimasu for sending the link to your homepage.


Nahoko Yamato donated photographs except the poster to me.
Added 2 photos from KATAGIRI YCC Chairman after that.

YCC: Yokosuka Citizenship Committee

6月7日(到着翌日) レイで歓迎される (拡大:enlarge)

5泊した GUAM PLAZA (拡大)

7日 グアム訪問記念 (拡大)

8日 Cantate のメンバーのお宅にご招待 (拡大)

ご招待記念写真 (拡大) (写真提供 片桐代表)

グアムの観光スポット訪問 (拡大) (写真提供 片桐代表)

9日 美しいサンゴ礁の海 (拡大) (別写真: other)

9日 練習 バンドの皆さん (拡大)

9日 ショッピングへ (拡大)

9日 レストラン (拡大) (別写真)
(別写真 2) (別写真 3)

10日 練習の合間にビーチへ (拡大)

10日 海辺で楽しいひと時 (拡大)

10日 美しい海辺の親子 (拡大)

Pacific Summer Music Festival のポスター (拡大)
(黒帯に YCC Gospel Choir が紹介されています)

10日(日) Finale Concert 2時30分開始 (拡大)
(St. Jude Thaddeus Church)

YCC Gospel Choir (大きく拡大) (大拍手)
(directed by Thomas Givens)

明るく美しい教会 約500人参加 (拡大)
(Guest Conductor: Dr. Weston Noble)

出演者全員で合唱 (大きく拡大)
(from left Dr. Weston Noble, Dr. Lisa Lutte
& Ycc pianist TomokoTsunoda

Mr. Thomas Givens (center) & Dr. Lisa Lutte (right)

Cantate の Lisa さんと YCC メンバー (拡大)

Finale Concert 終了後の記念撮影 (拡大)

指導を受けた Dr. Weston Noble さん (拡大)
(left: Mr. and Mrs. Givens)

This is a report of a journalist of the town paper "Hamakaze" accompaniment coverage in Guam.


* Cantate Guam (Facebook)
* Cantate to feature musical guests (Marianas Variety 31 May 2012)
* Dr. Lisa Lutter
* Weston Noble (Wikipedia)
* YCC Gospel Choir Christmas concert in 2011 (Yokosuka Citizenship Committee)

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